A large inventory of Goodyear Air Springs

July 24, 2022

Latest company news about A large inventory of Goodyear Air Springs

In addition to our own air springs, we also have imported Goodyear original air springs. The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is a multinational tire and rubber products company headquartered in Akron, Ohio, USA.


In 2015, the company met with the representative of Goodyear in the United States. After the negotiation between the two parties, the company acquired part of the shares of the North American factory. At the same time, Guomat became the sales agent of Goodyear air springs in China, providing our customers with more choices.



Product name Product model Cross Reference
air spring 1B9-215

Firestone: W01-M58-6374

Contitech/Continental: FS 200-10 CI G 3/4 OS 1B9-215

air spring 1B12-313


Contitech/Continental:FS 330-11 CI 1/4 NPT OS

Goodyear: 1B12-313

air spring 1B12-318 Firestone:W01-M58-6011 Contitech/Continental:FS 330-11 CI G 3/4 OS
air spring 1B14-371 Firestone:W01-M58-6100 Contitech/Continental:FS 530-11 CI G 3/4 OS 1B14-371
air spring 1B14-372 Firestone:W01-M58-6369 Contitech/Continental: FS 530-14 CI G 3/4 OS
air spring 1B15-375 Firestone:W01-358-8158
air spring 2B9-200 Firestone:W01-358-6910 Contitech/Continental: FD 200-19 CI 1/4 NPT OS Goodyear: 2B8-155, 2B9-200, 2B9-202
air spring 2B9-223

Continental/ContiTech: FD 200-19 CI G1/4 M10; Firestone No.: W01-M58-7887; Firestone Style: 20FY

Goodyear Flex No.: 578 92 3211

air spring 2B9-273 Firestone:W01-M58-6183 Contitech/Continental: FD 200-25 CI G 1/4 OS
air spring 2B12-346

Firestone: 7550

Triangle Spring:4541

Histeer - Link Mfg.: 10325

Conti Tech: 64599

Watson & Chalin: AS-0087

Euclid/Meritor Aftermarket: E-FS7550

Conti Tech: FD331-26 541

Euclid/Meritor Aftermarket: FS7550

air spring 2B14-354 Firestone:W01-358-7145 Contitech/Continental: FD 530-22 CI 1/4 NPT OS Goodyear:2B14-350, 2B14-354
air spring 2B15-375 Enidine YI-2B15-375
air spring 2B15-377 Firestone:W01-358-9529 Contitech/Continental: FD 530-30 CI 3/4 NPT OS Goodyear:2B14-363, 2B14-451, 2B15-377, 2B15-378
air spring 2B14-468 Firestone:W01-M58-6377
air spring 3B12-300

Goodyear Flex No.:578 93 3 100

Contitech/Continental: FT 330-29 431


air spring 3B12-304 Firestone:W01-358-8013 Contitech/Continental: FT 330-29 CI 1/4 NPT OS Goodyear:3B12-304, 3B12-306
air spring 3B12-320 Firestone:W01-M58-6129
air spring 3B12-325

Goodyear Flex No.578 933103


air spring 3B15-375 Firestone:W01-358-6800 Contitech/Continental: FD 530-30 CI 1/4 NPT OS Goodyear:2B14-362, 2B14-450, 2B15-375
air spring 1S4-007

Contitech/Continental:SC29OG05 SC29O001

Firestone:W023587001 Firestone:W023587002 Firestone:W023587031

air spring 1S8-003 Goodyear Flex No.579161002
air spring 1B7-544 Goodyear Flex No.579912520
air spring 1B8-560 Firestone:W01-358-7598 Contitech/Continental: FS 120-12 CI 1/4 NPT CA Goodyear:1B8-157, 1B8-159, 1B8-560, 1B8-563
air spring 1B5-800

Goodyear Flex No.579913500

Contitech/Continental: FS 40-6 CI G1/8

air spring 1B6-833 Firestone:W01-M58-6155 Contitech/Continental: FS 70-7 CI G 1/4 CA
air spring 1B8-850 Firestone:W01-M58-6166 Contitech/Continental: FS 120-10 CI G 1/4
air spring 2B8-550 Firestone:W01-358-7325 Contitech/Continental: FD 120-20 CI 1/4 NPT CA Goodyear:2B8-150, 2B8-153, 2B8-553, 2B8-554
air spring 2B6-833

Goodyear Flex No.579-92-3-510

Contitech/Continental: FD 70-13 CI G1/4


air spring 2B8-850 Firestone:W01-M58-6353 Contitech/Continental: FD 120-20 CI G 1/4 CA Goodyear:2B8-850
air spring 2B6-535

Goodyear Flex No.579-92-3-515

Contitech/Continental: FD 110-15 766