Airsustech Air spring will have holidays From 22nd,January to 10th,February.

January 21, 2022

Latest company news about Airsustech Air spring will have holidays From 22nd,January to 10th,February.

Airsustech Air spring will have holidays From 22nd,January to 10th,February.



Happy Chinese Spring Festival!
Airsustech Air spring will have holidays is from 22nd,January to 10th,February.


The customs and connotation of the Spring Festival
Chinese New Year customs
China is a multi-ethnic country, and each ethnic group celebrates the New Year in different ways. The Han, Manchu and Korean people have similar customs and habits during the Spring Festival. The whole family is reunited. People eat rice cakes, dumplings and various sumptuous meals, display lanterns, set off firecrackers, and wish each other well. The celebrations during the Spring Festival are extremely rich and varied, including lion and dragon dances, as well as stilts and dry boat rides. In some areas, people continue to worship ancestors and worship the gods in the past. Pray for good weather, peace and good harvest in the new year. The ancient Mongolians called the Spring Festival "White Festival", and the first month was called Baiyue, which means good luck. Tibetans celebrate the Tibetan calendar year. Hui, Uyghur, Kazakh, etc., are celebrating the "Ed al-Adha". The Spring Festival is also a grand festival for the Miao, Tong and Yao nationalities.
The cultural connotation of the Spring Festival

The Spring Festival first represents warmth and affection. "If you have money but no money, go home for the New Year", "If you don't rush in a year, you will rush for 30 nights", these words express the meaning of the Spring Festival.
The heavy historical accumulation of the load, and the sacred status of the Spring Festival in the hearts of Chinese people. From the long journey and the snowy night, to the crowds during the Spring Festival,
It constitutes an eternal landscape from ancient times to the present when the Chinese Spring Festival is approaching. "Going Home for Chinese New Year" is not only a gathering of relatives, but also a spiritual baptism and an ethical relationship
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Secondly, the Spring Festival is the heart of Chinese culture. Chinese who can't go home for Chinese New Year, even if they are not alone, always have a feeling that "the year will end.
A sense of wandering and loss of life.” In the old days, people in Beijing had to eat water chestnuts during the New Year’s Eve. Water chestnuts sound like “must be in order”, which means that relatives must be complete in the New Year.
Evening meal is an indispensable spiritual gathering for Chinese people every year. This meal must be eaten at home no matter what. People put their feelings, desires,
Ethics and beliefs are accumulated on this festival, so that the Spring Festival is no longer a simple time point. It has been fully valued by the majority of the people, and has even become a symbol of national culture and an important force for condensing national emotions.