Application of air spring in mechanical equipment

May 22, 2022

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Application of air spring in mechanical equipment


With the continuous acceleration of the mechanization process, all kinds of mechanical equipment are used more and more widely, and the frequency of use is also higher and higher. Such as tractors, seeders, harvesters in agricultural machinery. Metallurgy, mining machinery, lifting machinery, loading and unloading machinery in heavy mining machinery. Forklifts, shovel transport machinery, compaction machinery, concrete machinery, etc. in construction machinery. Automatic instruments, electrical instruments, optical instruments, component analyzers, automotive instruments, electrical equipment, audio-visual equipment, cameras, etc. in instruments and meters. Packaging machines, packing machines, conveyors in packaging machinery.




So, how do we solve the vibration and noise problems in mechanical equipment? The answer is to use air springs.


The air spring is a spring that is filled with compressed air in a retractable airtight container and uses air elasticity. The working principle is to fill the closed pressure cylinder with inert gas or oil-gas mixture, so that the pressure in the cavity is several times or dozens of times higher than the atmospheric pressure, and the pressure generated by the cross-sectional area of ​​the piston rod is smaller than that of the piston. Poor to achieve the movement of the piston rod. Due to the fundamental difference in principle, gas springs have significant advantages over ordinary springs: relatively slow speed, little change in dynamic force (generally within 1:1.2), and easy control.


The air spring has excellent vibration isolation and noise reduction functions, and the air spring equipment has excellent nonlinear hard characteristics, which can effectively limit the amplitude, avoid resonance, and prevent impact. The air spring can absorb high-frequency vibrations and has excellent sound insulation performance. Moreover, increasing the total volume of the air spring can also reduce the natural frequency of the vibration isolation system. This is the unique advantage of air springs.


Due to the above advantages, air springs are widely used in mechanical equipment as sound insulation and vibration damping components, The air spring's isolation of vibration transmission is an important way to eliminate vibration hazards. And Guomat has produced and developed many types of air springs, which can be used directly.


The emergence of air springs has greatly reduced the vibration and harsh noise generated during the use of mechanical equipment, making our lives much more convenient and improving our sense of well-being. People are also paying more and more attention to the use of air springs. The market for air springs is also becoming more and more extensive.