Cooperation with Indonesian customer Victor

January 22, 2022

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Cooperation with Indonesian customer Victor


This is the first time we have worked with Mr. Victor, a company that produces sheet and coil cutting.


Victor wants to buy the F-160-2 (direct replacement for the Japanese Yokohama S-160-2) punch airbag ( air spring, air cushion) Searched for our products from Google and sent us an inquiry.


Facing Victor's inquiry, we responded quickly and sent him a quotation. After many exchanges, customers have highly recognized the strength and product quality of our company. Therefore, the client agreed to cooperate with us and sent us an advance payment. We thought the order would go well,good things are hard to come by.


First what Ididn't expect was that during the production of punch airbags, the factory's production equipment broke down. We confirm the repair time with the factory as soon as possible and inform the customer that delivery may be delayed. At the same time, we also urge the factory to take the time to repair and try not to delay the delivery date.


The factory finally repaired the production equipment and produced Guomat F-160-2 punch airbags(air spring).We are ready to ship to the customer. But just as the National Day is coming, we will have a long holiday. If the goods are shipped according to the shipping method that the customer originally wanted. You may not be able to get out of customs during the holidays.


We ship to the warehouse, and it is very difficult to get out of customs during the holidays. Therefore, we immediately inform the customer and discuss with the customer whether it can be sent by another transportation method with the same price. The customer quickly replied to us and agreed. Then we placed the order immediately, and finally the goods were sent out before the National Day.


After the National Day holiday, I checked the order and found that the goods had not been delivered, and the logistics status had not even been updated for several days. Then we contacted the customer service as soon as possible to ask what the customer service situation was like. After the customer service made an inquiry, they replied a few days later that the customer had not paid the tax, so the delivery could not be arranged, and even a timeout occurred.


I reported this to the client and the client said he didn't notice the email. Later, after the customer paid the taxes and fees according to the requirements, the service provider arranged for delivery, and the Guomat F-160-2 punch airbag (air spring)finally arrived at the customer smoothly.


Afterwards, victor put the punch airbag into use and found that the product quality was very good, fully meeting their expectations, and gave us a high evaluation.


Through this transaction, what we have learned the most is to communicate with customers in a timely and sufficient manner, think what customers think, and be flexible according to the actual situation, so that customers will trust us and have a good cooperation.