Using air springs on paper mills

March 23, 2022

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Air springs are commonly known as air bags, air bag cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic bellows, air actuator, pneumatic actuators, air shocks, shock absorber, air suspension, air spring suspension, etc.


The air spring came out in the middle of the 19th century. Compared with the traditional cylinder or other elastic components, the air spring has a simple structure and reliable operation, and does not require complicated parameter calculation and structural design. Air spring is one of the very popular products in recent years. And air springs are one of the most popular products in recent years. They are used in many industries, and the paper industry is one of them. What are the effects of applying air springs in the papermaking machinery industry.


Papermaking machinery is a machinery that includes raw material preparation, pulping, papermaking, until it is made into a roll or sheet, and processing paper and cardboard.


First, provide stable support.

In the paper industry, the paper needs to pass around many conveying rollers at a high speed during the winding process, so a constant tension is required during the conveying process to prevent the paper or cloth from slack, twisting or breaking. In this case, the combined structure of hollow roll air spring is applied, which can provide constant tension.


Second, absorb the impact.

The air spring has a strong ability to bear impact loads and protect the belt conveyor and transmission system from damage. In the production process, an air spring oil pressure buffer is usually installed on the coil tissue braking system equipment to reduce the rebound force of the paper roll. When the paper roll is turned from the steep slope to the bottom, because of the large inertial force, the impact kinetic energy is also large. Air springs absorb shocks.


Third, ensure the quality of pulp.

Air springs can be placed in the middle/end of the papermaking process. The purpose of this application is to extract all the moisture (water/liquid) in the paper paste so that it can be converted into solid paper. Air springs pressurize the rollers in the production line, so the slurry is pumped out and the pulp becomes firmer and more homogeneous.


Fourth, provide uniform pressure to ensure bonding quality.

Air springs are the best choice for high pressure, small stroke applications. During the bonding process, the air spring is used to give uniform pressure and ensure the bonding quality.


Fifth, economical and durable.

Air springs cost less and can save maintenance costs during use because there is no friction between the parts and no maintenance or lubrication is required. In addition, the air spring requires little installation space, reducing space requirements.


In addition to the application in papermaking machinery, air springs are also widely used in mining machinery, sewage treatment, medical machinery, environmental protection washing, lifting tables, large amusement facilities, air compressors, centrifuges, vibrating conveyors, control hammers, foundry machinery and textiles Mechanical, optical and laser instruments, integrated circuits and many other devices.


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