• Piston AIRSUSTECH Rubber Air Spring 160mm Rubber Bellow With Flange
  • Piston AIRSUSTECH Rubber Air Spring 160mm Rubber Bellow With Flange
  • Piston AIRSUSTECH Rubber Air Spring 160mm Rubber Bellow With Flange
  • Piston AIRSUSTECH Rubber Air Spring 160mm Rubber Bellow With Flange
Piston AIRSUSTECH Rubber Air Spring 160mm Rubber Bellow With Flange

Piston AIRSUSTECH Rubber Air Spring 160mm Rubber Bellow With Flange

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO/TS16949:2009
Model Number: HF100/096-1

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 3 pieces
Packaging Details: Strong Carton Box or as Customers Requirement
Delivery Time: 3-8 Working Days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal or Others
Supply Ability: 1000pcs/week
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Detail Information

N.W.: 0.5Kg Warranty: One Year
Pressure Ability: 0.2-0.8 M PA Stroke: 70 Mm
Trademark: AIRSUSTECH Or Neutral Transport Package: Carton
Specification: 24*24*22 Cm Origin: Guangdong,China
HS Code: 8708809000 Port: Huangpu, China
Material: Rubber And Iron Certification: ISO/TS16949, ISO9001
Position: Front And Rear OEM: Yes
Type: Shock Absorber
High Light:

AIRSUSTECH Rubber Air Spring


160mm Rubber Air Spring


Rubber Bellow With Flange

Product Description

Rubber Air Spring AIRSUSTECH HF100/096-1 Shock For Piston Machines


AIRSUSTECH HF100/096-1 Industrial Triple Convoluted Air Spring Specifications


Industrial Air Spring AIRSUSTECH HF100/096-1:

❹Rubber Bellows

The Opening Of The Rubber Bellows:100 mm

The Through Diameter Of Rubber Bellows:150mm

Rubber Bellows Natural Diameter : 160 mm

Rubber Bellows Natural Height :96mm

Stroke:50-120 mm

❺ Bumper block / Buffer block

Without Bumper Block

❻ Girdle Hoop / Girdle Ring

Without Girdle Hoop:NO pieces of Girdle Hoop



Rubber shock absorber airbag is a kind of curved capsule made of rubber and network cable.


The end structure of the existing convoluted rubber shock absorber airbags can be divided into three categories according to the connection mode: one is the fixed flange connection type (G type), and the two ends of the air spring have the largest edge size and the convoluted bladder. The outer diameter is the same or slightly smaller. After drilling several holes, use the flange ring and the end plate to fasten the connection; the other type is the looper flange connection type (H type), the size of the two ends of the air spring is the largest than the curved bladder The outer diameter is much smaller, no need to drill, a special flange ring and an ordinary end plate are used to fasten the connection; the third type is the self-sealing type (J type).


The two ends of the capsule need to be connected with two steel plates to form a compressed air chamber. The rubber and network cable itself does not provide the load bearing capacity, but is completed by the compressed air filled into the capsule. The number of convoluted sacs is usually 1 to 3 convoluted sacs, but it can also be designed and manufactured to be 4 or more than 5 bends according to the needs, and two air springs can also be used in superposition under certain conditions.


The rubber shock absorber airbag is also called according to its performance and characteristics: rubber air stroke regulator, rubber air vibration isolator, two product names.



The Composition Of Industrial Convoluted Air Spring Element Has The Following Aspects



Nut / Blind Nut – As well a permanent part of the Cover Plate assembly. Provides an alternative to bolt installation system. It is inside defect within the iron plate


Gas Hole / Air inlet / Air Fitting – Most usually 1/4 N.P.T. which provides the air entrance to the rubber bellows.


Cover Plate - Curled up to more durable bellows design and the largest quality control in the factory. Allows 100% of the leak test before shipment.


Rubber Bellows - Air Bellows includes four layers of materials: an inner layer, two layer cord - reinforced fabrics, and a cover. Construction of a natural rubber provides – 65F functional properties.


Bumper block / Buffer block - Solid rubber or engineering plastic device designed to prevent major damage to the vehicle or suspension in the event of a sudden loss of air pressure in the spring.


Girdle Hoop / Girdle Ring - Molded wire-wound ring to provide lateral stability of the complex type spring bellows.






Piston AIRSUSTECH Rubber Air Spring 160mm Rubber Bellow With Flange 0

Piston AIRSUSTECH Rubber Air Spring 160mm Rubber Bellow With Flange 1



LHF Type Air Spring HF Type Air Spring GF Type Air Spring JBF Type Air Spring ZF Type Air Spring
LHF100/166-2 HF80/90-1 GF40/60-1 JBF75/106-2 ZF120/122-2
LHF100/166-2 HF80/142-2 GF100/140-2 JBF80/142-2 ZF159/128-2
LHF100/238-3 HF95/70-1 GF100/166-2 JBF82/142-2 JBF220/310-3
LHF150/212-2 HF100/166-2 GF100/238-3 JBF98/101-1 JBF230/120-1
LHF150/304-3 HF100/238-3 GF120/102-1 JBF100/166-2 BF230/140-2
LHF200/212-2 HF104/66-1 GF150/206-2 JBF100/238-3 BF230/218-2
LHF200/304-3 HF115/77-1 GF150/298-3 JBF105/58-1 BF230/316-3
LHF230/120-1 HF120/132-2 GF200/206-2 JBF112/86-1 BF240/100-1
LHF230/218-2 HF125/112-1 GF200/298-3 JBF120/132-2 BF240/165-2
LHF230/316-3 HF150/140-2 GF230/206-2 JBF125/112-1 BF250/255-2
LHF250/255-2 HF170/120-1 GF230/298-3 JBF125/228-2 BF250/218-2
LHF250/218-2 HF174/126-1 GF250/206-2 JBF126/168-2 BF250/316-3
LHF250/316-3 HF180/156-1 GF250/298-3 JBF132/100-1 JBF256/92-1
LHF256/92-1 HF180/152-2 GF280/206-2 JBF150/140-2 JBF256/166-2
LHF256/166-2 HF190/170-2 GF280/298-3 JBF150/212-2 JBF264/90-1
LHF280/218-2 HF190/248-3 GF300/218-2 JBF150/304-3 JBF280/218-2
LHF280/316-3 HF192/140-2 GF300/316-3 JBF156/113-1 JBF280/316-3
LHF300/218-2 HF208/90-1 GF320/120-1 JBF156/195-2 BF284/272-2
LHF300/316-3 HF230/116-1 GF320/215-2 JBF160/216-2 JBF290/105-1
LHF320/186-2 HF230/120-1 GF320/310-3 JBF160/230-2 JBF300/255-2
LHF320/240-2 HF230/140-2 GF400/215-2 JBF170/120-1 JBF300/218-2
LHF320/350-3 HF240/100-1 GF400/310-3 JBF174/126-1 JBF300/316-3
LHF340/226-2 HF240/165-2 GF440/215-2 JBF174/232-2 JBF310/160-1
LHF400/218-2 HF250/255-2 GF440/310-3 JBF180/152-2 JBF320/186-2
LHF400/316-3 HF264/90-1 GF500/220-2 JBF180/156-1 JBF320/240-2
LHF440/218-2 HF290/105-1 GF500/320-3 JBF190/170-2 JBF320/350-3
LHF440/316-3 HF300/255-2 GF500/420-4 JBF190/248-3



LHF500/220-2 HF310/160-1 GF580/262-2 JBF192/140-2  
LHF500/320-3 HF320/203-2 GF580/384-3 JBF200/212-2  
LHF580/262-2     JBF200/304-3  
LHF580/384-3     JBF208/90-1  

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