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Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou, about 15min’s drive from Baiyun Airport. Our mainly products are air spring, rubber bellows, air suspension spring, air suspension compressor and refitted suspension system. They are widely used in bus, truck, cabin, vehicles’ seat, luxurious car and industrial machine field.AIRSUSTECH is another brand of Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd.AIRSUSTECH is focus on industrial air spring.GUOMAT Factory gate:Established in 2008, Our ...
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Latest company news about What is a Convoluted Air Spring and how to identify or measure it
Company news
What is a Convoluted Air Spring and how to identify or measure it The convoluted air spring consists of a rubber bladder with cords and compressed air enclosed in it. The inner layer of the airbag is made of airtight rubber, while the outer layer is made of oil-resistant rubber. The airbag is generally made into double bellows, but there are also single bellow or three or four bellows. The more the number of convolutions, the better the elasticity, but the sealing is poor. There is a steel waist ring between the sections to prevent the middle part from radial expansion and prevent the two sections from rubbing against each other. The upper and lower cover plates of the air bag seal the air bag.   Convoluted air springs are generally used for lifting axles and preserve the tires when the vehicle is empty. Aside from that, they are also utilized in industrial applications as pneumatic lift cylinders or suspension elements to absorb vibrations. These air springs are easy to mount and they last long.   Convoluted air spring is consist of the following components. • Air fitting: A tapped hole allowing for the spring to be fed from the air compressor • Nut/bolt/mount: The method for attaching the air spring to the component. Some air springs incorporate a bolt and air fitting combination device. • Bead plate: Crimped metal plate enclosing the spring and allowing attachment. This is typically forged steel, cast zinc alloy or cast aluminum. • Bellows: The physical, multi-layer material withholding the compressed gas. Usually made of neoprene or rubber. • Girdle: Only found in air springs of convoluted design, separating the bellows chambers. • Bumper: An optional layer of padding protecting the piston from damage if the air spring fails.   The air spring has two numbers, one is part number and the other is bellow number.   The easiest and fastest way to identify air springs is by the part number which normally located on the sticker on the top of the air bag.   If you don't know the part number, then you can measure it according to the following steps. The first is to identify the bellows number, which is the first step in identifying any bag or air spring. The bellows are the rubber portion of the airbag, and this number will determine the ride height and weight capacity of that airbag. The bellows number is located on the rubber oval stamped into the rubber. All convoluted bags use will bead plates. It's the flat plates on the top and bottom of the bag. You need take note of any connection points or air fittings and measure the distance between them. It is also necessary to note the size of your air fitting as well as the diameter of the top plate. On the bottom plate, you'd take the same measurements, the diameter across the bottom plate, and the measurement between the screw or blind nut. Then a compressed height need to be measured. Remove any air from the bag and press it down by hand, measure the distance between the top and bottom plates, and compress. Also pay attention to whether the bag has an a bumper block/buffer. It's easy to determine if a bag has bumpers. The bag rocks when you compress it. On bags without bumpers, the plate will lie flat and you won't be able to shake it. More >
Latest company news about Air springs for agriculture
Company news
Air springs for agriculture Air springs are also widely used in agricultural production, which can make agricultural equipment work better, greatly reduce the production cost of agricultural products, and improve agricultural efficiency.   An air spring could be defined as a reservoir of air made of rubber and fabric, which is shaped with bellows and that can be used to support load, isolate vibrations and shocks, or act as a pneumatic cylinder by expanding itself.   One of the great advantages of air springs is that they will not be corroded, and they can run in a naturally dirty and dusty environment without being corroded. For example on a farm, soil is unavoidable. Because air springs are sealed units, they last a long time and don't require extensive repairs. And air springs have no moving parts, no friction, and an immediate response in the form of force or compliance. The air spring has excellent nonlinear hard characteristics, which can effectively limit the amplitude, avoid resonance and prevent shock. The nonlinear characteristic curve of the air spring can be ideally designed according to actual needs, so that it has a lower stiffness value near the rated load. Since the medium used in the air spring is mainly air, it is easy to implement active control. Air springs draw in and release air to maintain proper force and support any objects that may exert pressure.   The most common use of air springs in agriculture is on seeder/planter. On seed drills, air springs act as pneumatic actuators for pressure control. In doing so, it helps farmers maintain a consistent seed depth directly from the comfort of their tractor cab. After the emergence of the pneumatic system of the seeder, farmers no longer have to manually adjust the depth of the seed. This system is made up of air springs, along with a dedicated small electric air compressor and air supplied by a downforce control module that helps create just the right amount of pressure in it to keep the planter head in the soil. correct depth. Air springs are used as actuators and also help the machine handle terrain and soil density changes. Specifically, as the soil density varies, for example from sandy to heavy clay, the air spring may expand or compress. This keeps the planter head at the correct depth to ensure optimal germination and crop productivity.   In addition, air springs are also used in soil fumigation vehicles or machines. The soil fumigation vehicle or machine needs to be stable and balanced when working. Since the ground surface is usually uneven, the soil density on the same piece of land may change frequently, and the application of air springs on the machine can maintain stability without harming any surrounding environment. More >
Latest company case about South American customers purchase guomat air spring assemblies in large quantities
Company Case
South American customers purchase guomat air spring assemblies in large quantities South American customers purchase guomat air spring assemblies in large quantities     On October 19, GUOMAT welcomed a handsome uncle from Chile, Mr. Oscar. Mr. Oscar grew up in Chile and is a well-known air spring distributor in Chile. He also has considerable air springs in Peru and other South American countries. Assembly market share, GUOMAT has worked hard for many years, constantly polishing its own brand, and finally made Mr. Oscar interested in GUOMAT brand air spring assemblies, and personally visited to learn about GUOMAT brand air spring assemblies. into a product.     Mr. Oscar is a very nice person. He greeted everyone enthusiastically as soon as he entered the door. After the formal communication, Mr. Oscar quickly established basic confidence in the GUOMAT air spring assembly. The spring assembly has precise processing parameters, outstanding fatigue resistance, and 4 million times without damage, which is very attractive. Soon, Mr. Oscar decided to purchase the first batch of 700 air spring assemblies. He believed that, with the excellent performance and beautiful sales price of the high-mart air springs, Mr. Oscar would soon be able to sell these products.     In his spare time, Goumat and Mr. Oscar also briefly experienced Chinese food and chatted about South American football and European football. The exchanges between the two sides were very pleasant. After the sunset came, the two sides took a group photo. Goumat sent a driver to send Mr. Oscar back. hotel to live in. More >
Latest company case about Italian customer Ivo personally visited to discuss custom air springs
Company Case
Italian customer Ivo personally visited to discuss custom air springs Italian customer Ivo personally visited to discuss custom air springs     With the continuous improvement of the company's product quality, the brand of GUOMAT air spring shock absorber has not only become famous in the domestic market, but also has become more and more competitive in the international market. Excellent quality and affordable price have become synonymous with "Made in China" in the international market. In recent years, the proportion of GUOMAT air spring shock absorbers in the international market has continued to increase. A gorgeous turn from "Made in China" to "Made in China".     On December 7th, Ivo, an Italian customer, heard that the performance of the GUOMAT air spring shock absorber brand made by China's intelligence was very in line with his requirements, so he went to the GUOMAT air spring shock absorber sales department with his assistants to give the GUOMAT air spring shock absorber air After investigating the quality, price and production efficiency of the spring, after we understand the products that Mr. Ivo needs, we may need to re-mold the plastic parts and rubber bags of the product, which greatly lengthens the production cycle of the product. , Our technical consultant patiently answered questions to Mr. Ivo from the parameters, process, performance and other aspects of GUOMAT air spring shock absorber products. Mr. Ivo nodded frequently to our production technology and product quality, and immediately expressed his belief. We can customize the air spring products according to his requirements.     After a long period of understanding and observation, after a full exchange of opinions between the two parties, Mr. Ivo's questions and concerns were answered satisfactorily, and some customized details were further discussed. The two parties were happy to reach a consensus on cooperation.   More >
  • Ivan from Italy
    “ You have been very professional in your sale,I am trying to expand my work in Italy if you are personally interested in making a profit. ”
    —— Ivan from Italy
China Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. certification