• Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. factory production line
  • Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. factory production line
  • Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. factory production line
  • Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. factory production line
  • Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. factory production line
  • Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. factory production line
  • Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. factory production line
Production Line

Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd has 11 production lines to produce our air springs.



  • Industrial Air Spring production line

Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. factory production line 0Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. factory production line 1

  • Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd. factory production line 2

The production line how to produce our air springs



1. Rubber mixing: exercise and rubber processing

2. The production of rubber bellows: bellows is made of inner is a layer of rubber, the middle is two layers of cord fabric and the outside is a layer of rubber. Through the fixed mold them together.

3. Other forming accessories: plastic parts, iron base, aluminum base, iron plate, and other hardware accessories, these parts have been made in different moulds.

4. The bellows and other accessories are gotten together by machine and make out air spring.

5. Air tightness detection: each production of good air spring fills the air, and then put into the water to test whether the bubbling gas leakage.

6. Quality: blasting test, fatigue test, the air spring blasting pressure GUOMAT factory is up to 30 atmospheric

pressure, fatigue to reach 3 million times, meet the international standards.

7. Packing: the qualified products for packaging, are usually carton packaging, need some special strong wooden case packing, others are labeling packaging according to customer's requirements.



Guangzhou AIRSUSTECH Air Spring Co., Ltd offers OEM/ODM


We have produced many air springs according to the customer's requirements that follow the OEM/ODM which the customers offer to us.

AIRSUSTECH can according to the requirements of another manufacturer for the production of products and product accessories, or also called by authorized OEM. On behalf of the sub-contractor machining, can also represent the subcontract processing. Domestic habit called collaborative production, three to processing and OEM can bring for you what OEM customer means market, OEM customers, the more the higher share of the market for your product. AIRSUSTECH thinks OEM is the product of global economic integration industry division of labor increasingly detailed. It can help enterprises to increase its resources in the configuration of the innovation ability, as much as possible to reduce the investment in fixed assets.


Manufacturer to extend their brands, in front of the road there are three: either yourself; Or acquisition of related enterprises; Output or output management, brand, doing OEM, for a so-called "virtual management". In practice, most companies tend to take a third way. Enterprises in the master core technologies and products after the establishment of a mature marketing network, can no longer direct investment for production, but in a way that is by making the other enterprises to production to complete the production task. In this way, only need to pay the material cost and process cost, without having to bear the equipment depreciation, self-built factory and the risk of production management, also may at any time according to the market change flexibly according to the need to place an order. This can promote the finished product to form a new business advantages, cultivate and strengthen enterprise internal expansion drive, improve the management ability and management level, and look forward to a higher level of capital operation.


AIRSUSTECH and the United States customer sample processing:


First of all, it's very grateful to our customers Drew chose to cooperate with AIRSUSTECH, after a long visit and consultation, the US customer Drew preliminary in the AIRSUSTECH under 500 G3013 air spring order. This is the AIRSUSTECH products once again out of the country, serving the global cooperation. But the process of cooperation between us is very tortuous.

Based on past experience, we clearly know that US customers on the product quality and company strength requirements are very high, strict degree of almost demanding. After a long study to understand, Drew had a preliminary recognition of us, but also on the high Matt products have a strong interest, so we provide customers with three samples, the customer received the sample after the measurement, the high horse Special products are still quite satisfactory, and put forward higher requirements. Customers to the specific requirements of one by one to sort out it again, AIRSUSTECH customer service personnel in detail, and actively contact the company's senior production engineers, the situation in a timely manner to Drew feedback and consultation, to do our best ability to provide satisfaction for the Drew The product.

Drew officially placed a single order before, Drew company sent us up to more than ten pages of the factory agreement, a detailed view of the customer's factory agreement will take half a day. After the signing of the agreement, the US customers sent the product specifications and detailed product details, after several exchanges, customers of our company's strength and product quality have a higher degree of recognition. So we formally signed a cooperation contract.


US customers to our advance payment, we in accordance with the custom requirements of the customer first produced three products in line with customer demand samples, sent to the United States to Drew company confirmed. During the period, Drew has also planned to come to our factory inspection, we are for Drew prepared to study the project to make a positive preparation. When the sample sent to the United States, after Drew company testing, the sample is in line with customer requirements, and finally contributed to the mass production of 500 orders.

At this time, the date of delivery is not far away. As time is very urgent, according to the previous production cycle we simply can not complete the number of 500. This trouble trouble again, the customer anxious to goods, but we have no way in any case to produce 500 products in a short time. After consultation, the customer asked us to first send 200 air to him, and the rest of the sea. If we take on the cost of air transport, it will mean that the transaction will be small profits, but to take advantage of the company's first service concept, we still have to do so. Agreed to the customer's request.

200 products produced well, the customer sent his Shanghai agent Sally to Guangzhou inspection and visit the factory, Sally watched the factory and finished the goods, the actual situation reported to the US customers, then, the US customers found us The color of the zinc ring is thicker than the color of the previous sample, and the pressure ring has a slight bending deformation at the time of the buckle, and the others are in compliance with the requirements. Although this slight flaw has no effect on the use of the product. However, the final US customers or therefore rejected the batch of products.

The Color depth difference and the ring is a little bending.


Drew asked, either in accordance with his request to improve, or return his prepayment. The deal has come here to a dilemma. In desperation, we still have to rally, to actively comb our production did not notice the details of the problem, and actively communicate with our production sector, re-plating zinc (galvanized zinc is difficult to ensure that each color depth is consistent , So with the customer after the decision to set the white zinc) of the pressure ring and withholding attention to the intensity and improve the management requirements of QC.

Finally, the goods finally completed the production, but also after testing, in line with all the requirements of customers, all the goods sent, Drew company finally satisfied with the money knot.

Meet the customer all requirements


Cooperation with this Drew company is really time-consuming and laborious, but she also makes us a lot of progress, it is these companies from developed countries, "demanding", only to guide us forward and progress direction. We are also constantly working to improve our products to ensure that meet the requirements of more high-end customers, and constantly promote and develop our products, even if the solution is only a small problem.


Research and Development of Guangzhou GUOMAT Air Spring Co., Ltd

AIRSUSTECH has 8-10 professional research and development person team.The R&D team ensure our factory have continuous creativity and product updates.At present, we research and development of air spring types are: pattern, sleeve type, bladder type, assembly class and so on.

To substantial improvement techniques, products and services, the scientific research achievements into products with reliable quality, the cost is feasible, the innovative, materials, equipment, technology and service of systemic activity. Creative, Novelty, The use of scientific methods so generate new knowledge. Research and development spending, research and development personnel quantity, research and development including paper, apply for patent for AIRSUSTECH.